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Easily applied and blended, the incredibly vivid neon eye pencil will dazzle you with its rich neon colour for an entire day (it perfectly stays on the waterline).

The pencil’s pigment remains vivid and saturated from application to removal. When applied to the eyelid, the intense tattoo formula of the pencil will keep it looking flawless, while the soft gel texture makes it easy to apply. The bright and long-lasting pigment will provide eye- catching, expressive, and neat make-up.
Neon make-up is booming! Our pencils are suitable for both professional and everyday use. One of the main features of neon pencils is their brightness. They inevitably draw attention to themselves and make you stand out.
Cocoa butter guarantees moisturising, toning, and regeneration of the skin. Nowadays, women want their care and cosmetics in one package!
Bright colours are freedom for your creativity. Pencils can be used for more than just drawing sharp, colourful eyeliner; they can also be applied to the eyes or lips for a dramatic effect.
Prove yourself as the evening’s party queen!

Сolor type

601 Black, 602 White, 603 Green, 604 Yellow, 605 Orange, 606 Pink, 607 Purple, 608 Blue, 609 Sky blue

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