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A classic lipstick with a silky effect. A soft, creamy texture with moisturising ingredients provides gentle care for the delicate skin of the lips. Comfort and delicacy! Perfect for every-day use! Makeup that can go from subtle during the day to dramatic at night in a variety of pearlescent and satin tones. A collection of modern, on-trend shades—enjoy a kaleidoscope of colours!
In one case, Creamy Lipstick is a combination of rich colour pigments and precious oils. Satin finish, gliding application, and a rich palette of shades. The natural oils and extracts included take care of your lips. Keeping up with today’s fast-paced world requires a multitasking approach to beauty routines, including both makeup and personal care! Castor oil softens and nourishes your skin. Camelina sativa extract and beeswax rejuvenate, improve cell circulation, calm irritation, and soothe delicate lips skin.

Сolor type

01 charming fuchsia, 02 pink marsala, 03 lilac gloss, 05 rose souffle, 07 natural beige pearl, 09 pink pleasure, 11 pink peach, 13 purple glow, 16 pink bouquet, 17 light lilac pearl, 18 deep lilac pearl, 22 shimmering flower, 23 berry jam, 24 pearl rose, 30 ripe berry, 34 red-brown mix, 35 exquisite marsala, 36 purple burgundy, 38 pink chrysanthemum, 43 plum glow, 44 caramel syrup, 46 grape dessert, 47 lilac pearl, 48 spicy cinnamon, 49 plum marmalade, 51 deep burgundy, 55 plum sherbet, 56 natural rose, 60 red chocolate, 64 velour burgundy, 65 pink lilac, 70 red rose, 79 gentle fandango, 81 floral freshness, 84 purple shyk, 87 sparkling bronze, 88 caramel pudding, 89 pink lace

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